Diving on the splendid coral reefs of the Maldives is an experience unlike any other on this planet. New marvels appear around every corner, beyond each wall, under every overhang and above each pinnacle. There are an infinite number of areas to explore. The designs and patterns appear endless in a world where color and shape seem intent upon causing confusion. Even when only inches away from a butterfly or a scorpion fish, it takes a few moments before you are actually able to focus on the animal and distinguish it from the background of the reef.

We guarantee you will be amazed by the variety of marine animals on display. Every second of every minute beneath the surface of the sea is dazzling; there is no possibility of boredom or repetition . Some reefs are home to lots of jellyfish, Hawksbill turtles with their colorful shells. Giant Moray eels that haunts the coral reefs. Napoleon Wrasse, commonly called the Humphead Wrasse, is one of the largest reef fishes in the world. Grey Reef sharks distant relatives to the ancient and extinct megalodon, Big fin reef squids, giant squid and some showcase a variety of soft corals and ornamental fish such as the Black-footed clownfish.

Whether you choose to explore this underwater paradise from one of our recommended diving resort packages, or by diving from the comfort of a cruiser, you can be assured of a perfect vacation of beauty and awesome discovery.

At Dive Maldives Online we only employ experienced dive masters. Similarly, our staff has the expertise, knowledge and professionalism to guarantee that your dive holiday will be an experience of a life time while at the same time ensuring you receive the best possible service and hospitality at all times.